Membership Dues & Registration Forms

Good Morning members and potential members!

First of all I want to thank everyone who has joined our club once again and to the new members who have just come aboard!

1.) When you go to JOIN/RENEW MEMBERSHIP and pay your dues…. PLEASE FILL OUT THE MEMBERSHIP FORM as well. We have added a few questions to the form that we need answers from.

2.) When you pay via paypal please reference the the name of the member you are paying for. I understand that you may be using another persons paypal account in your family. I need to know who you are paying for.

3.) If you have already paid either by check or cash or paypal I still need you to fill out the membership form if you have not already done so for 2018!

Thank you!!! If you have any questions please call me!!!

Tara Stafford

Welcome to Pax Aero!

Special Thanks to Tara Stafford for keeping our website up to date!

PAX AERO Field Drone View!

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